Our Schools

SJBCA Academies

The SJBCA Academies offer a friendly, vibrant, busy and challenging place for learners with a ‘take care’ approach to all aspects of school life.

All of our Academies seek to go beyond expectations in all we do.

We understand the importance of teaching and the foundation skills all children need. It is a journey of commitment and confidence, of participation and hard work, of creativity and learning, of success and support, of attainment and value and of encouragement, set within a
vibrant and evolving inclusive culture of opportunity and achievement.

Further information on our current Academies is below.

Please do take the time to read through the school websites, which offer further insight into how we live and breath our ethos, values and vision.

Bishop Milner

Pro Petri Fide

Our college is committed to offering Christian love and care to each person within it. Everyone is valued as a gift from God and treated with respect. In our college we learn together and we aim to help all students achieve their very best.

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Stuart Bathurst

Tien Ta Foy

To bear witness to the Gospel Values and act always with a steadfast determination to do and be of our best.

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St Chad’s

Christ in our heads, our hearts, our hands

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St Joseph’s

Kind hands, kind words, like Jesus… At Saint Joseph’s we work, learn and grow together guided by Jesus’ teachings

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St John Bosco

Living, Learning and Growing in God’s Love

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St Mary’s

Our community, growing and learning together with Christ

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St Bernadette’s

We follow Jesus

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St. Mark’s

Proudly and Joyfully, We love, live and learn as God’s children

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